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Plaintiffs won four of those cases and the company won two. Another case settled and two are still pending. Channel 4 Action News called the company and asked to interview the president. They referred WTAE to an attorney right one dating service said, right one dating service part, "Matchmaking is a process that can take several 'introductions' or 'matches' to have ultimate success.

Having a 'no refund' policy encourages members to give the program their best effort and to see the program through Unfortunately, the poor rating with the Better Business Bureau is due to a miscommunication which resulted in unanswered complaints and the BBB gives any company an F rating if there is an unanswered complaint. Pittsburgh Singles has recently been in contact with the BBB and is providing the necessary answers and has taken steps to ensure any complaint is submitted to the appropriate person and responded in the proper manner.

Prior to the miscommunication which resulted in unanswered complaints, Pittsburgh Singles had an A rating with the BBB and the company is confident the rating will be high again. I'm not going into this on my own again, no way, no way. I trusted them until I was about half way through. It felt like I was signing an agreement of sale for a house complete with myriad initialing's.

Now we are moving at warp speed. How many people read every word on an agreement of sale while an agent is pushing you to hurry up and sign because they didn't have their dinner yet? Now a guy that has two jobs and is a part time student doesn't typically have this kind of dough. Before I could get right one dating service out of my mouth, they said, no problem! We'll set something up for you so you can afford it! I didn't really drink that in before we were on to the next section in the agreement.

Is there anyone out there who can come right one dating service the defense of these victims? Either way, for me, I'll just buy a dog in a few years when I can afford one. I am presently attempting to nullify the contract and recoup at least some of my losses. They did not keep up their end of the contract either. Thank you very much. John of Colorado Springs, CO on Oct. This put my card over its limit.

I don't know why the credit card company didn't decline the payment. I asked for a refund and was refused. When I complained to the state Attorney General and the BBB, this company basically told them, "He signed the contract, so he can't get out. I had lost my job and couldn't afford to go on dates every week, so the company said my account could be put on temporary hold until I was ready right one dating service resume using the service.

I called the company today it's now called E-Love to reactivate my account. The Colorado Springs number vancouver chinese dating site on the web now goes to a fax machine. The Denver number is disconnected. I called the corporate office in Dallas but the phone rang just once then disconnected. Online dating site germany short version is this putrid company lied to me about being able to match me with compatible people until they'd already taken my money.

To this date, over 10 years later, I am still waiting for an accurate match. Joe of Dallas, tx on July 11, Satisfaction Rating I joined The Right One in late From the start, I began receiving matches one to two times a week. Several matches did not go beyond the first phone call, but I did have many enjoyable dates with nice women. Two relationships resulted from my membership.

The first was with a dental hygienist that only lasted about six months because of the baggage she still carried from two divorces. The second though was with the woman that has been living with me for the last five years. So right one dating service, The Right One did live up to the terms dating profile tell us about yourself the agreement.

Make no mistake though; the operation is set up to extract as much money from its clients as possible. I was contacted right one dating service multiple occasions with special offers to enhance the level of service they provided. Turning them down was all that was required. It sounds like their company has changed considerably as the economy has gone south. Diane of Clinton, UT on June 28, Satisfaction Rating I paid thousands of dollars for introductions, and where is this company?

Where are the introductions? Is there a class action suit?

The Right One, Together Dating, Pacific High, Lully's Inc, And Lawberg Inc. I am an ex-employee with some inside information about The Right One and its affiliates 15443 Knoll Trail Suite 130 Dallas, Tx 75248-1948 Texas

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However the people at eLove told me they are right one dating service connected in anyway. Yes, and rigght where I do not know who to contact to get singles dating sites darwin refund. Yes, wasn't looking to have or raise kids. I put my referrals on hold in Aug of When I tried to contact them again inI was lonely and wanted to get datin into the dating scene again. Merry of Plymouth, I want in on it. This put my card over its limit. The company broke the contract right one dating service not fulfilling their part of the right one dating service. I found out this is all orchestrated by one rjght. She was incredibly convincing. I connected with eLove since it appeared that to work it is eLove were linked. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. If for nothing else than to put them out of business and prevent others from paying large sums of money for nothing but hollow promises. I put my referrals on hold in Aug of When I tried to contact them again inMA on Sept. They set me up with two dates. They definitely tricked me into signing on ssrvice something they never delivered! Beth-Ann of Pepperell, IL on Sept! I asked for a refund and was refused. John of Colorado Springs, CO on Aug.