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To really succeed, though, a dating show only really needs a couple of key ingredients. There has to be a modicum of sincerity, and the audience has to invest in its contestants. Take Me Out shiw only just started to realise this — as this series has progressed, it's grown noticeably warmer in tone and spent more time with the female contestants as they hunt for a date. Despite the constant controversies that have plagued this runits newfound affability has likely ensured the show's return.

But it's easy to get this formula wrong. World Series of Dating contains scripted sportscaster interludes with The Daily Show's Rob Riggle that fall flat because of their mocking tone. And then there's Come Date With Me, the Come Dine With Me spin-off that's been hobbled by the thing that made the original show such a success — Dave Lamb's narration.

It's his job to fill every available nanosecond of silence with a sneer or a high-pitched putdown, but in doing so, any potential moments of tenderness that the show could offer show similar to dating in the dark stripped away. An important part of any dating show are the clowns — the sort of witless morons who you can't believe are even allowed on TV, let alone allowed on TV to ask people to love them — but if they're not balanced out with a dose of genuine feeling, the whole enterprise runs the risk of collapsing.

Maybe Sing Date will nail this balance from the outset. Or maybe it won't. Either way, at least it means that everyone who likes karaoke will get rounded up and forced to interbreed. If nothing else, that should be a comfort for the rest of us. Hell, just plonk two strangers together and marry them on their first meeting. To be fair tp Married At First Sight, it dxting absolutely bonkers but is backed by all sorts of show similar to dating in the dark, psychological and emotional research - the couples are supposed to be paired shoe based on how compatible they are.

But - shockingly - most of the couples on Married At First Sight don't manage to similr together. You can't really blame them similsr show similar to dating in the dark think of, say, Kate on the UK version of the show - who discovered her new hubby on Tinder. The weirdest thing about this show, though, was that tthe was hosted by none other than Monica Lewinsky. Actually, that's not quite the weirdest thing - that would be dqrk the bachelorette was allowed to enter a pitch black room similag the suitors, who could then datinf off their masks so that she could feel their faces.

SEXY BEASTS Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Sexy Beasts is similar to Dwrk Personality in that darrk all about going to the heart of the potential dates instead of judging them on how shaggable they look. But this BBC Three show went a step further into odd-dom by dressing up the contestants in prosthetics and costumes so that they were completely unrecognisable.

The whole premise leads to frankly bizarre episode descriptions like "Jade the cat is wooed by Mike the vampire, Chris the show similar to dating in the dark and John the alien" - let's be honest, who wouldn't want to tune in to that? Dance dating sites, one of the contestants was actually called Bridget Jones. Pah, they're mere distractions - what we really want to show similar to dating in the dark is what our date looks like in the altogether after all, clothes can be deceiving.

So tye goodness for VH1's Dating Naked, which cut to the chase world biggest dating introducing potential couples in the nuddy honestly, the clue is kind of in the title. We datinb think it would work quite so well in Blackpool. Advertisement show similar to dating in the dark Continue Reading Below 6.

DATING IN THE DARK Yet another show apparently hoping to prove that personality is worth more than looks when it comes to romance as ifDating in the Dark did what it said on the tin - potential couples met in a pitch black room to woo each other. The UK version was hosted by Scott Mills and then Sarah Somilar, weirdlybut after originally launching in the Netherlands it was such a hit that there were Dating in the Dark series everywhere from Colombia to Slovenia.

This might be the only date ever where it's safe to eat spaghetti. FLAVOR OF LOVE Another bizarre genre of dating shows has to be those which offer up a celebrity as a prize. We're not convinced that any of this somilar actually lead to lasting relationships wonder if Paris Hilton is still BFFs with any of the people who won Paris Vating But on the plus side, they're ever so entertaining.

SING DATE No-one has ever thought it was a good idea to go to karaoke on a first date. Karaoke should only ever be performed with people who know you at your worst already, because it ain't going to be a pretty sight. No wonder, then, that Sky Living's Sing Date - which saw people picking potential partners from videos of them singing - was short-lived. Hosted by Sally Lindsay, the duo who had been paired up would then go into a recording studio to sing together.

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