9 Reasons Why Dating Actors Is A Bad Idea

Actors are financially unstable. The number of actors who are making a decent living out there is vanishingly small. There are a few dozen household names; the rest are mostly struggling. They sling drinks and wait tables, waiting for their big break. One of my mentors put it bluntly: Actors are in a state of perpetual emergency. Here comes the next audition! Every call and meeting with producers and agents is an emergency.

But after she cancels on you for udea audition for a Charmin' ad again, you start wondering whether being left high and dry datkng your idea of fun. Which contributes to the next problem… 3. Actors have funny schedules. Film shoots happen at midnight; callbacks pop up out of nowhere. And if she lands a really big job that shoots on location, she could be gone for 3 months. They are constantly exposed to rejection, hurting their self-esteem. Your Actor, though, did not write Medea or direct himself or herself to put on the duck mask and would also probably prefer to be in the latest Tony Ahy in Minneapolis.

Just buy Your Actor a drink and be nice about it. If Your Actor has a weird schedule, spend time with other people for a change. So if Your Actor has a few weeks of rehearsal and it's hard to see Your Actor as much as you dating cool guy. Maybe you should call up your pals and go have a drink and reconnect and stop being so needy all the time. Didn't you have more than one friend in college? Your Dad would probably give his little finger if your Mother would just take a sewing class and let him watch TV a couple of 9 reasons why dating actors is a bad idea a week, right?

Could we get a little glass half full here? Is it possible that just because Your Actor cannot afford to take you to the nicest restaurant in town, that does not mean that Your Actor has made bad chocies? You know who else probably can't afford to take you to Chez Maxout CreditCard? People that work with the poor. If Your Actor decries the aging process, remember that life is unfair.

Guess why Your Actor is constantly worried about turning 30? Because he or she will, more than likely, be punished for being normal and growing up. They are in a field where being young and pretty helps and being older does not. Maybe at your job, when you hit 35, you just get a raise or some shit. That is unlikely to be true for Your Actor, especially if Your Actor is a woman.

Neither does Your Internet dating over 40. You know what that does? It makes you stronger. It makes you question, decide, and move forward with 9 reasons why dating actors is a bad idea own ways, your own art, your own plans. Poor civilians don't want even one round of that fight. But secretly, actorrs down inside, they worry about what people think of them. Their lack s self-absorption in an artistic passion leaves little room in their lives for yours.

Entertainment work takes self focus. Sometimes acors got people cheering you on, other times it's just you in your court. You've got to think about your stuff all the time. You've got to work on your stuff all the time. In my group of good entertainment friends, our self-absorption feeds into our interest and support of each other and each others' benefits dating military man. We take turns 9 reasons why dating actors is a bad idea a sense.

We each have a passion, so we understand the prioritization of passion. We find ways to fit our dating older black man together. However, civilians often don't have anything similar in their lives nor the time and energy to be understanding and patient about your hour day. They may feel that you're not there to support them in their times of need.

Also, you will probably push yourself to be there for them even when it's crazy difficult, and they will not remotely appreciate that you turned your reasoms 9 reasons why dating actors is a bad idea into a hour day. After all, they took their hour day and Well, your priorities are all screwed up anyway. They find sustained, deep happiness in a totally different way from you. Insert pseudoscience drivel here, but seriously, for this point please see my favorite film of Get Him To The Greek.

There's a moment at the end where spoiler alert Aldrous Snow goes on stage and Aaron Green decides the music industry isn't for him. In that moment we see Aldrous Snow's bliss, and we see a civilian walk away from it. Entertainment is like that, it's about the bliss, and it reaskns have to be the immediate gratification of a concert. Every other day of my life is worth every day I'm directing.

9 reasons why dating actors is a bad idea

5 Reasons Not to Date an Actor

Well it is what they do for a living, healthy and well-groomed is an unspoken part of the job. Tell us in the comments below!PARAGRAPH. Tell us in the comments below!PARAGRAPH. As Woody Allen famously wrote: Actors have lots of free time. Spontaneity is in their blood. Reaslns are good looking. Spontaneity is in their blood. PARAGRAPHActors are good looking. Tell us in fating comments below!PARAGRAPH. Staying fit, and will know exactly where to go on any given evening. PARAGRAPHActors are good looking. Or maybe you already are - have we missed anything.