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I lived with my parents at the time whoohoo minorities! I took the day off of work and we met! We spent the whole weekend together, he got drunk and met my friends, I stole food from his plate without asking and it basically set the tone for the rest of our relationship. How did your friends and family react to you meeting someone from Tumblr and ultimately deciding to start a relationship with this person?

You two were also dating long-distance for a substantial amount of your relationship. How did you make that work? Constant, constant communication—texting, email, phone calls, and always having a date that we would see each other again. It made it easier knowing that, okay, we only have to do this for three more weeks or one more month.

Knowing that it was only going to be temporary even if temporary lasted almost 3 years. It was the hardest when there was no end date in sight. But I think we always came back that we would rather be in this really shitty situation with each other than maybe in an easier situation with anyone else. Communication is easily the most important part of a long distance relationship.

You learn to reevaluate the way in which you communicate because you miss out on all of the intangible non-verbal cues. I think having to build our relationship off pure communication really helped us know each other better. There was no movie or dinner or other people we could sort of put any awkwardness off on. Also, knowing how we communicate via our blogs kind of cemented his personality and interests to me and hopefully me to him?

I think there has to be a certain level of mutual initial effort in order for it to really work, especially over long distance. If you DO live in the same city as someone, then just tumblr dating sites for it. I would say go for it! Worst case scenario you realize they suck, best case, new friend or more! I dabble in guitar, ukulele, piano, clarinet barelyand I can play a mean All Star on recorder. My taste in music is tumblr dating sites face is a bit all over the place, honestly.

I have everything from screamo to show tunes, rap to country, on my phone. My favorites tumblr dating sites Twenty One Pilots, Troye Sivan, Melanie Martinez, Fall Out Boy, Dodie Clark, Anthony Amorim, Avril Lavinge, etc. I play video games sometimes. Kingdom Hearts is amazing, I love Spyro and Mass Effect, and Pokemon will always be in my heart.

I enjoy roleplaying not in the bedroom, sorry. Basically, Tumblr dating sites collaborate with other writers online to create our chinese dating website in australia original stories. I hate seeing people sad. However, this leads to me being dating cthulhu sensitive sometimes, so beware. I have just recently experienced a very very hard break up.

First love and all, hah.

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How We Fell In Love On Tumblr: James and Jude’s Story

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