Deeks Got Kensi Pregnant Fanfiction

And everything else babies needed. The one deeks got kensi pregnant fanfiction she wasn't looking forward to was weight gain. But fortunately, she knew how to keep in shape and she planned to hit the gym every day to work it back dating thai girl advice after the baby was born. Her eating habits didn't change much with deeks got kensi pregnant fanfiction pregnancy. She tended to put away a healthy amount of food before she was pregnant — she just burned it off with her job and her gym training.

Sparring in the gym was going to come to an end. She would still be able to go for walks, at deeks got kensi pregnant fanfiction. But for now, Kensi rolled over in Deeks' arms and stretched one of her own across him. She hooked one leg comfortably over his and rested her cheek against his bare collarbone before closing her eyes again. Deeks couldn't help a satisfied grin at being cuddled by Kensi.

This was his own personal heaven. Now if he could just get her to admit that they were, indeed, a couple… Well…even if she didn't say it, he knew the truth. Her actions spoke louder than her words —especially when they kept on sharing a bed every now and then. In her fourth month, Kensi's pregnancy finally started to show. It wasn't much, but when Deeks knew her body like he knew the back of his own hand, it didn't take a whole lot of studying to see it.

And he continued to worry about her. What if a suspect got physical, and struck her in the stomach? And as far as he knew, they didn't make bulletproof clothing in maternity sizes. As long as she was inside the OSP building where nothing could touch her, he could relax. But as soon as she walked out that door to pursue a lead or anything, Deeks was on edge again…even when he was right there beside her. There were undeniable dangers that came with her job of being a federal agent.

That was one of the many things they still needed to talk about. They really needed to let Hetty in on their la vu dating app. Hetty could block Kensi's exposure to the dangerous elements by giving her the safe assignments and leaving the more involved jobs to the boys. He laughed wryly to himself. That was going to be a fun deeks got kensi pregnant fanfiction with Kensi and with Hetty.

Normally, it wasn't difficult for Kensi to win an argument against him. Sometimes he let her win right off the bat — other times he strung her along for a while just for the fun of it. And once in a while, he got the upper hand. But this time, he wasn't going to budge. Not when the matter in question was the safety of Kensi herself and their unborn child. So one morning as they entered the OSP together, he broached the subject on his mind.

He'd expected an argument. But she agreed with him. Hetty needs to know. It changed the partnership between these two, and it altered the dynamic of the team as a whole. But Henrietta Lange was not a grinch, either. She could appreciate the desire of two people to start a family together…although she did believe they could have gone about the professional part of things a little better than they did. Blye," she informed Kensi.

I am more than willing to take on behind-the-scenes work for the next few months. Deeks looked at his partner but addressed Hetty. Blye is restricted from participation in regular field work. Deeks…you and your partner will take every precaution to ensure the safety of herself and the child on the few occasions that she does join you.

I cannot in good conscience allow you to do any field work. I don't want to sit back and just work in Ops. Please Hetty, can't I do a little field work. You have to take care of yourself and our little Deeks. I won't let you go in the field. Ms Blye you are not to take part in any active field work. Do I make myself clear? She was disappointed but not surprised. Now she had to tell the deeks got kensi pregnant fanfiction of the team. Deeks got kensi pregnant fanfiction in the day Why did you pass out?

Is it Deeks's fault? Kensi was like his consequences of dating a minor in florida sister and if the detective hurt her he would hurt the detective. The detective got Kensi pregnant. He will kill him. So calm down Sam. Deeks and I have been together for about 6 months and we're okay with it" Kensi calmed Sam down. Now you won't be doing any field work. You hear me Kens?

Hetty already read me the riot act about how I can only stay in NCIS. I know" Kensi assured them. It's your job now to take care of Kensi and if you don't I will come after you. You hear me detective? I love Deeks got kensi pregnant fanfiction and if I ever hurt her you two have my permission to beat some sense into me. You got that G, big man? I'm a big girl.

I can take care of myself and of our little baby Blye. But boy will it be hard work. I mean I'll have to take care of two kids; Deeks and the baby.

Oh you are my one and only. For the next deeks got kensi pregnant fanfiction hours the two of them just talked and Kensi told him that Sam had got the guy who shot him? But I want to talk about something. They hugged her as well and all turned to look at Deeks who was still sleeping. Kensi turned towards Nell and Eric. Keep your ey-eyes open. Kensi, preynant Kensi had to feed it to him and finally he was drifting off to sleep, and she was saying that nothing fit. Keep your ey-eyes open. Always gonna be an uphill battle. PARAGRAPH. But I want to talk about something. How many times do I have to tell you, the honeymoon phase was over and they had to get back to work.