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The prices are also posted. Call Me The Call Asian dating customer service feature allows a member and a lady to have a conversation over the phone. This session has to be scheduled hours before to ensure that both parties are available. In this case, an interpreter is needed to translate the conversation. Date Me This is the last but not the least feature. In order to avail of this service, AsianDate has imposed a minimum of 5 letters and 5 replies between the member and the lady to avoid misunderstanding of intention.

Social Channels To get more updates and exciting news about AsianDate, you can go ahead and visit any one of its social media profiles found below: As long as the mobile phone the app is downloaded on is connected to the internet, the registered member will be asian dating customer service to online date through AsianDate. Access the app here.

Anti-Scam Policy For AsianDate, a number of qualities and achievements make it what it is today but the most important out of all of these qualities and achievements is its anti-scam policy. Very much like its sister company AnastasiaDate. All of the activities, as well as the 2. There are, however, cases of misunderstanding that need to be addressed. These are circumstances that have put blame on AsianDate, as well as its sister company.

In other cases where claims are legitimate, any member can rest assured that appropriate action will be taken against the offense and the offender. This is the number one online dating rule for good reason. It also makes the other party, the lady, feel more comfortable and confident to meet you. When corresponding onsite, clearly state your expectations to avoid misunderstandings. You may exchange contact information with the lady.

Once in a while, conduct a video chat with your lady to confirm her identity. Success Stories The company is proud to share happy love stories of members who have successfully found their other half on AsianDate. Here are just a few stories which prove that true love can be found online: Micheal and Ronjhee Having met on the website, Micheal and Ronjhee chatted almost every day for nine months.

Micheal felt an instant connection when he saw Ronjhee for the first time. They asian dating customer service many letters and got the chance to truly get to know one who is the dream dating 2012. To show that he was really insecure, he ordered gifts of flowers and chocolates to be sent to Ronjhee. Afterwards, Micheal booked a Date Me service so he could see Ronjhee face to face. And so, he did and spent 6 days in the Philippines.

He expressed his hearfelt thank you to AsianDate. They are currently happily in love. Robert and Ying For their first conversation together, Robert was assisted by an interpreter named Victor. Robert knew that there was something special about Ying and so, as time passed by and as they got to know each other better, Robert decided to propose to Ying. There is also live chat and cam share available through this section.

There is something called "Date A Lady", where you can fly out and meet the Asian girl in person. You can also arrange romance tours where you fly and meet Asian women in introductions provided by AsianDate. You can contact customer service through this area. The "my account" section enables you to purchase credits, access your profile, change your account info and change your settings or password. This is a mail order bride service for Western men interested in meeting Asian women.

Emails Right After Registering Dating shows like rock of love off the bat we were bombarded with chat requests from Asian women, that's the good news. The bad news is that this site uses a credit based system that you can burn through credits very quickly if you don't watch it. You can take a look at the prices above in the "cost" breakdown. Chat Messages When we were logged on the site we received quite a few instant messages.

You can chat with women for free and surprisingly the chat messages are not automated on this site. We asked specific questions such as what time it was and we received the right response, so there are real people on this site. You can send about 4 free messages before you are asked to upgrade and purchase credits on the site. The problem we have with the chat messages is that you really don't know who you're talking to.

Yes, you see a photograph of an attractive looking Asian girl but is that who you're really talking to? The chat messages constantly pop up from new girls all the time. As usual you can only send them a few lines and then you need to buy credits to continue. We didn't upload any photos to our asian dating customer service purposely just to see the kind of response asian dating customer service would get. Even without any photos in our dating profile were were still bombarded with chat requests constantly.

This seems a little suspicious, wouldn't the girls want to know who they were sending messages to? Real Dating for disabled Or Paid Models? Almost all the girls on AsianDate. Obviously we have no way of proving these are actually paid models or just attractive looking Asian asian dating customer service looking to meet Western men. If you look at the Asian population as a whole, most women in Asia do not look like this attractive.

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