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The burner rest has "Coleman Quick-Lite" spelled out with vent holes. The valve wheel is black or at least looks it now and judging by some tiny cracks around its perimeter, could be laminated construction. The lantern came to me with an R generator but I don't know if that's original or not. The fuel cap was hex-head and the threads were stripped on the center part.

I was able to get a replacement from our host. It appeared the lantern had been dropped on her head. The very top of the vent was dented in and the air tube was bent and kinked. I was able to get the vent back into shape by placing the vent up-side-down on online dating brussels belgium dished-out block of wood and using a piece of large dowel and a hammer to rap on the bottom of the vent bushing.

I got it all cleaned up and back together to find the valve was leaking around the packing. I used some coleman quick lite dating sites rope to get that fixed up. The only other lantern of this type I have is an LZ which I was told was most likely from Air-O-Lantern Model QL left ca. These two Coleman models were found in France. They are unusual because they were never nickel-plated but the brass was polished and lacquered and the collars and globe cages were painted gold.

Neil McRae, whose collection these are in, believes they were made this way for the French market in the early 's. Coleman quick lite dating sites made this lantern for their Yale Light Co. The founts on these ML Arcolite lanterns are either steel as above or nickel plated brass and have either a straight as above or curved air tube next lanterns, below.

In addition to the diamond shaped top bolt marked Yale upper image the air tube on this lantern has the Coleman match lighting patent dated May 13, Please contact me if you find a lantern with a top bolt as on this one. This lantern is in Doug Dwyer's collection. Coleman made hundreds of Arc lantern Model H from - Strong - Shipping Records. Only the burner assembly parts coleman quick lite dating sites different from Model abovefrom the generator to the burner caps and larger, round air tubes lower image, left Model H took larger mantles and was rated at candlepower Diehl.

This lantern was restored by Steve Retherford for Mike Coon, whose collection this is in. Coleman also made these LZ left and LZ right lanterns, known here by their Coleman numbers, for several retailers including Sears and Montgomery Ward. These lanterns have a separate post to support the burner; the air tube, coleman quick lite dating sites is curved in these models, opens below the mantles. The mica globes were removed for the images. The lantern on the left is in Doug Dwyer's collection.

The lantern on the right lacks its generator and is in Don Colston's collection. There is no documented evidence that Coleman made a chandelier with lantern heads, however, this chandelier, in Brad Stephenson's collection, has no evidence of solder in the lower portions of the fuel valve assemblies where a fuel uptake tube from the fount would have been fastened and there are no bail attachment marks on the frame posts.

The embossed ventilators date it to or later. The Coleman Quick-Lite was sold from to from the Wichita USA plant with no date stamp. This lantern, in Ron Lenfield's collection, includes the box and accessories. Although this lantern has a later style baffle plate, the usual baffle plate in this version is as in the right image.

These two Quick-Lite lanterns are unusual because the pump is only partially mounted in the fount. The check valve can be seen between the pump and filler cap. Air from the pump is piped up to the top of the fount. Shipping records show several hundred were sent from Sample profile for dating site - December, Becker. They were the first Coleman model to have a pump as part of the lantern.

The first pumps on Quick-Lite lanterns were "built-on" rather than "built into" the founts. This L lantern, in John Stendahl's collection, is date stamped May,and has the pump top with the rounded handle. Other L pump handles have a nearly flat top or a top with rounded lobes. The Quick-Lite L top image is dated Feb. It's flat-topped pump lower image, left lacks an air opening in the list the best dating sites of the handle as does the round topped pump lower image, middle - dated July The L in the lower image, right, is dated May, and has the hole.

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Some are stamped in places where they shouldn't be. Simply, that right direction is our virtual museum. A datinb disclaimer here Some lanterns are not stamped and they should be. If you have a 2-mantle lantern please refer to datijg When you think of Coleman to find colemaj match. Click here to go to the club website. PARAGRAPH coleman quick lite dating sites. Prior to about Coleman used a numbering system which had one number on the left, that chart at the ICCC website will give you a good idea of when your Coleman was made, you may find them stamped on the side of the fount. Stoves have them on the bottom occasionally newer stoves mostly but often you'll be able to find numbers on the inside of the tank's mounting flaps. Dating your lantern can be a little harder. But first let's cover the different models. Simply, but the number on the left will be the month and the 2-digit code on the right will be the year. If you're still stumped you can send us an email for coleman quick lite dating sites assistance. Most Coleman coleman quick lite dating sites are date stamped. Please give as many details as you can coleman quick lite dating sites we'll try to figure it out with you. Figures 1 through 3 show the two different locations: Side of fount stamp on a lantern indicating September of Bottom of fount stamp on a C lantern indicating April of Bottom of fount stamp on an A lantern indicating October of That is where marketing plan for dating site find the numbers. The frame rest is that band right above the lantern's fount and most lanterns since the s have their model designation stamped there. Some are stamped in places where they shouldn't be. But first let's cover the different models. Once you have both of these numbers you can go to the International Coleman Collector's Club website Technical Information at www.