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Having worked in manufacturing for many years, she had the necessary entrepreneurial skills to put her plan into action. She sold up reviewa bakery business and went back to college, to study psychology, counselling and executive coaching. Inshe set up Two's Company. I'm fascinated by psychology and what makes people tick and have built up a library of books twos company dating reviews the years," she says.

Also, having been married, separated and divorced with three grown-up children helps me to empathise with other people. I come at it from a non-judgemental approach and try and understand what it is that I can do to help others. She found speed dating - an organised activity rwviews people meet would-be partners through a series of short conversations - a strange experience, while internet dating left her feeling too vulnerable. I'd always presumed that if I found myself in a threatening, awkward or uncomfortable situation I'd be able to handle myself.

There are so many more sites out there now, it's a lot more open. If you meet someone online, you don't know if that person is going to turn out to be psychotic, have some type of psychological disorder or a criminal background. Potential clients undergo a telephone assessment first, then a face-to-face interview, which Jennifer is quick to point out is relaxed and informal. Twos company dating reviews the team feel there is someone on their books that is a suitable match, they will take the new client on.

But, as Jennifer stresses, this only happens if she is confident she can make a good match. And the interview process is the best way of separating the wheat from the chaff. In seven years we have never had one incident, not even a hint of anything happening. We are very safe. People are investing physically, financially and emotionally in this process. It really does sort out the men from the boys, the women from the girls.

It's not a platform for one night stands or flings. They have made a decision to come to us, they are looking for a life partner, a soul-mate. That's what they come to an agency for. She also went over to England to check out dating agencies there. And dwting even bigger still in the US and Australia. And though she is currently single, she did meet a man whom she went out with for several years.

There seemed to be a higher level of sincerity, they weren't just twos company dating reviews it twos company dating reviews fun. I was meeting people on a one-to-one basis. I'd have one date, copmany it worked, we'd take it forward. If it didn't work, we'd go back to the datinv and we'd be introduced to someone else. It wasn't multiple dating though. There was no juggling around or anything like that.

It was all very respectful, secure, honest and transparent. That's what I twos company dating reviews for my agency too. You have made such an enormously positive change twos company dating reviews both our lives and it is important that you know how wonderful cimpany is. Xxx and I are very discreet and have not explained to anyone exactly how we met, but please rest assured that we online chat dating meet friend recommend Two's Company.

Thank you so very much again for everything xx Xxxxx November 21, Hi XxxxxxI just spoke to Xxxxxxxxx and so delighted with the newsand little baby Xxxx, Oh my Goddating setting boundaries so blessed. It's the best news all week just to hear from you guys. I would so appreciate a testimonial from you either by text or email.

Obviously we will keep your names private. Oh gosh Jennifer thank you so so much I'll always remember saying to you that "there's something about him" and here we are Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Hi Xxxxxx ,those care such lovely words if it's ok with you I'd love to use them in our new radio ad Kind regardsJennifer Absolutely Jennifer Xxxxxx November 22, " Just to let you know Eddie and I got twos company dating reviews on Enniscrone beach on Saturday.

We're planning to have the wedding in July next year and we can't thank you enough for all your help. Its very exciting and we're really happy together. All the best, have a lovely Christmas. Life has changed so much. Thank you for looking after us so well; we met each other on reviewa 3rd introduction reviwes. I felt so safe in your hands and all 3 introductions were with lovely gentlemen. Although only a little over 2 months together, we've met each other's families and are heading off tomorrow for a short holiday.

We are a 'match', and very happy! Wishing you warmest best wishes, xxxxxxxxxx October 23, Hi Jennifer. I joined twos company in very nervous at meeting someone. First person I met we didn't click. It's a hard thing to do to wtos for help but well worth it. You have nothing to lose. Thank you twos company dating reviews so much Denise August 15, Hi Jennifer, Just wanted to share this with you.

Thank you for looking after Jim and myself so well. We met each other on our 3rd introduction each. Although only a little over 2 months together, we've met each revlews families and are heading off tomorrow for a short holiday in Westport. We are a "match", and twos company dating reviews happy! So a big appreciation to you Jennifer and your team. Wishing you warmest best wishes. I chose Twos Company as I was not familiar with or comfortable with the idea of internet dating and twos company dating reviews being exactly a spring chicken eitherat 57 years of age!

I met a number of very nice ladies through Twos Company, but did not find the chemistry I was looking for! What is not to like!

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Matchmaker, matchmaker . . . singles fall for love’s old ways

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