Is Austin Moon Dating Ally

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Austin Moon and Ally Dawson's relationship

When Trent said that Austin dating site chat room just scared to do the dance off with him, Ally started to look mad. When Austin is singing, Austin replied that he had to help Ally. Ally was smiling when Austin was showing Team Austin his new dance moves at the beginning is austin moon dating ally the episode. PARAGRAPH. Austin and Ally sat next to each other at the audition. Austin and Ally went to Mini's together. Austin tried to cheer Ally up when she said that she didn't understand mooon Trish didn't tell her by saying that Trish probably felt weird about it. Ally turned down Austin's offers to call off the bungee jumping. When Trent challenged Austin to a dance-off, you got it too" he looks and points at Ally! They at one point went to the water park together and Austin encouraged Ally to go down a big water slide!