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It also denies allegations that it woos clients on the pretense of offering free dating consultations. Anyone will tell you that. Ghiselin has organized a group of the two of us dating site and says they are planning to make a joint complaint to law enforcement authorities. Oxnard attorney Nicolas Vratarik, who is representing Porbansky, said he is preparing legal action against Two of Us, alleging a number of deceptive practices under the Consumer Legal Remedies Waterloo dating. Vratarik maintains that a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former employee of Two of Us predecessor Together, and settled out of court, supports the complaints against Yetenekian and his companies.

Professional matchmakers say their companies employ a standard pricing structure. Some of those companies have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution to consumers to settle lawsuits or instead declared bankruptcy. Consumer advocates and law enforcement officials say two of us dating site should use clearing houses like the Better Business Bureau to check out dating services before joining them.

They say they either got there by responding to Internet pop-up ads while perusing online dating sites or suspect their information from other sites was sold to Two or Us. Once at the Two of Us offices, their accounts of how they were ensnared into paying thousands of dollars all have striking similarities. Similarly, most of those victimized say they had not had dates in months, even years. During the interview, they were asked two of us dating site present credit cards to verify their identities as well as disclose their personal finances.

He went to the "Two of Us" office in King of Prussia, which now calls itself Philadelphia Singles. Both consumers say they got a two of us dating site sell. You weren't allowed to look it over because I kept on asking her, 'Well, can I just two of us dating site they said 'No, just initialize, just initialize,'" said Snell. Action News tried to talk to "Two of Us" representatives.

When asked if she was familiar with Stacy Hollander's case, one representative replied, "No, I can't say I am right now. Every member has every right and opportunity to fully read the Membership Agreement prior to signing. Hollander says her matches were to meet three criteria. Hollander says her first and only date was vcc dating panel obese, unemployed, and the proud owner of a cat.

Meantime, Snell says he called the number "Two of Us" provided him. I didn't want to have anything to do with them,'" said Snell. In Hollander's case they said, "As part of membership, written feedback is required after each introduction and before a new introduction is provided. Snell is now worried about his credit. Vritaric has filed a lawsuit against "Two of Us" on behalf of a California woman. The lawsuit alleges breach of contract, false promise, and intentional and negligent misrepresentation as well as emotional distress.

Vritaric says he knows of many other victims.

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