One Direction Dating Quiz Long Results

How he asks you to be his girlfriend: After that day, you two stayed in close connection. Practically you were texting, talking or meeting all the time. A month later he took you out again and finally asked you to be his, because he couldn't stand it anymore, that other boys might have a chance. You kissed him passionately and told him nobody would ever 100 free usa online dating sites a chance in comparison to him.

Harry and you had a hard time after going public. The fans couldn't stand you and you were followed by paparazzi all day. But it wouldn't stop you two from being together. You met the rest of the band and became really good friends with them, especially Louis, Harry's roommate. When the boys had to go housewives dating website tour again you stayed in London, because of school.

You trusted Harry, which should turn out as a mistake. A week after their departure, you saw the pictures of your boyfriend with a pretty girl in Australia. They were shown holding hands and making out. Safe international dating sites gave you a deep cut in your heart. You called him immediately. Go see a movie and then just hang out.

My perfect first date would be a simple dinner and a movie. A theme park would be a good idea. It wouldn't get awkward. Sit at home snuggling on a couch and watching a movie. Grab something to eat and maybe crack a few jokes with him. I'd say I'm pretty athletic, funny, smart, and a flirt I'm a little shy. But I like my eyes and smile. I am very spontaneous!

He kept telling you that you were lying before he pushed you into a wall where you hit your head. You stayed with Louis for a week. To make it up to you he just simply told you that he was stupid to think one direction dating quiz long results you'd ever cheat on him and when you didn't forgive him he sang Stole My Heart to you and you forgave him. He caught another guy flirting with you one direction dating quiz long results at a club and thought that you were flirting with him.

He said that you were a liar and a whore and told you to move out of his house. You ran off crying to Zayn so he could comfort you. He made it up to you by taking you out to a romantic picnic with fireworks and a beautiful diamond necklace.

Your One Direction Lover *Long Results*

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You're cute and funny and that's what every girl likes. Why would I hate you. So my friend, Imma BELIEBER!. I'm glad that we're finally alone. Wow, no problem and thanks. Your Irish accent is just too cute. It was nice one direction dating quiz long results you here. Justin Bieber, my friend didn't confirm yet but don't worry if it's you. Oh why are you xating the questions. Fine, your turn. Onf do you like me. Choc, I don't mind, no I love you. So do you like it. Yeah, I just love him.