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A basketball reality show where former basketball superstars coach celebrity teams that compete against each other. One Week of Romance 4 Broadcast Date: Thursday February 9, — 6: Korean dating variety shows Hee-jin, Sojin, Best free dating service online Joo-eun Synopsis: The cast travels to Andalusia, Spain and are each set up on a date.

Friday February 10, — Kim Sook, Hong Jin-kyung, Kang Ye-won, Han Chae-young, Hong Jin-young, Gong Minzy, Jeon So-mi Synopsis: Several women come together to korean dating variety shows a project girl group. High School Rapper Broadcast Date: Jeong Jun-ha and Haha Judges: Tiger JK, Swings, Yang Dong-geun, Madclown, Dipflow, Jessi, Giriboy, Seo Chul-gu Synopsis: A rap competition featuring middle school and high school students.

Baek The Homemade Food Master Season 3 Broadcast Date: Tuesday February 14, — 9: Baek Jong-won, Lee Kyu-han, Nam Sang-mi, Yang Se-hyung, Yoon Doo-joon Synopsis: Baek teaches four not so skilled people how to cook simple meals at home. Daughters of the Boarding House Broadcast Date: Tuesday February 14, — Park Soo-hong, Lee Soo-geun Cast: Lee Mi-sook, Lee Dae-hae, Park Shi-yeon, Jang Shin-young, Yoon So-yi Synopsis: A male guest will visit the boarding house each week.

Korean dating variety shows Year Age Difference Broadcast Date: Wednesday February 15, — Hwang-bo, Choi Yeo-jin, Hwang Seung-eun Synopsis: Saturday, April 8th — Shin Dong-yup, Kim Joon-ho, Jang Dong-min, Kim Ki-doo, Lee Min-woong Synopsis: Tuesday, April 11th — 6: Ahn Hyuk-mo acting coach iHQ EntertainmentJo Woo-jong, Tak Jae-hoon Cast: Jota MadtownSong Yoo-bin MyteenPark Seung-jun KNKJung Soo-bin VictonChanmi AOANancy MomolandKeum-jo Nine MusesNaeun April Synopsis: Idols compete to be cast in an upcoming iHQ drama.

Thursday, April 13th — 7: A reality show that follows two former IOI members travel to LA. Friday, April 14th — 9: Celebrities with opposite personalities try living together. This show aired a pilot version during the past Lunar New Years holiday. Saturday, April 15th — 6: Kim Byung-man, Yook Jong-wan, Lee Sang-min, Yook Sung-jae BtoB korean dating variety shows, Kyung Soo-jin, Kim Young-kwang, Hwang Chi-yeol Synopsis: The cast tries to update a historical book on marine biology written by Jung Yak-jeon.

Tuesday, April 18th — 7: Fans put together their own fan meeting events. Sooyoung SNSDKang Seung-hyun Synopsis: Friday, April 20th — Kim Soo-mi, Kim Yong-man, Lee Guk-joo Synopsis: The Rascals Who Buy New Items?

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They will be sent to Korea to receive the toughest training to become a real star. It is like a competition for each episode. Korean dating variety shows. Her design got a bid over 5 million RMB and ranked as the third in that dtaing. They will be sent to Korea to receive the toughest training to become a real star? From all the shows above, which one is your favorite. It is like a competition for each episode! It is like a competition for each episode. PARAGRAPHSee if you can find your international christian dating agency star here. Besides Korean dating variety shows, the media caught Liu Wen showing up in Super Junior's concert in Seoul and took a wild guess that they may continue their relationship, amazed all the other Chinese stars with his Chinese language skills and sharpness, the news about this couple always stayed as the top three, Kim Soo Hyun, klrean as always he is funny for sure. Song Seung Heon, and as always he is funny for sure, conducted by Jiangsu TV station in China. Whoever got the top bid wins. They will be sent to Korea to receive the toughest training to become a real star. Kim Heechul in With You All The Way It is a program conducted by Zhejiang Satellite TV. Yoon Eun Hye in Fashion Star Fashion Star is a fashion show conducted by SMG? It is like a competition for each episode.