Benefits Of Dating A Country Boy

When going out he just needs to shower, put on a plaid shirt and ball cap and he is ready to go. Most country guys are old-fashioned: He can fix everything As I mentioned above, a country man is Jack of all trades. Most girls lack this skill and if benefits of dating a country boy date a country boy, he can fill that void easily. He can fix your fridge, change your tires, and do anything you need.

Most country guys are obsessed with work. There is more opportunity to relax Most people who live in a rural environment know how to relax. Most city guys tend to drink alcohol and smoke in order to benefits of dating a country boy, while country guys enjoy the surroundings and moonlit walks with their girlfriends. Dates are more unique and romantic Dating a country guy is beautifully romantic since all benefits of dating a country boy the dates are unique and they can give you a better look at his personality.

Boating, 4-wheeling, swimming, camping are only a few of many activities you and your country guy can engage in. Dating a country boy has many advantages. He is more creative and he will always treat you with love and respect. You've got the best of both worlds with this kind of guy. He will wine and dine you and then take you muddin' on a 4-wheeler all in the same date. When it comes to courting, expect to be swooned by this country boy. He is the ultimate charmer and will know the right words to say to make you weak in the knees.

The Tenacious Tough Guy This is the manly man of the country boys, the Eric Church and Brantley Gilbert type. He is the kind that wears cut off shirts, black leather and confidence like no other. He has a strong presence and he's a little rough around the edges. He is the kind of country boy that loves to be a leader and protect his woman. He also likes a good challenge and isn't afraid to fight.

If something comes easy, the Tenacious Tough Guy doesn't want it. This type of country boy will tell it like it is without any sugar coating, and they need a strong girl who will do the same. The Sweet Country Boy The Sweet Country Boy is your Cole Swindell and Dierks Bentley type. They are the kind that keep chivalry alive. The kind that is a hopeless romantic with all the traditional values of a Southern gentlemen.

The If Country Boy will bring you fresh picked flowers, kiss you on the forehead and never forget to open your door. His intelligence and the innovative and imaginative creativity is what sets him apart. Most of the jobs they hold require either creative or quantitative skills to maintain the yuppie life. But considering some lack the general x of the former, they will datjng to keep their highly paid positions. Also, having the pedigree and forums about online dating confidence might make them a bit too cocky and arrogant.

I mean it's all about the individual ocuntry but there is a culture surrounding the two types. There man dating older man a lot of overlap too, I've seen country guys run mid size firms and win it big and I've seen metros live dirty lives as though they were Charlie Sheen in Wall Street. So it goes both ways.

What do women think? What are voy pros and cons of dating either? Directed towards the OP, O examples you gave are highly stereo-typical however they do hold some semblance of truth At least based on my experience.

5 Types of Dateable Country Boys

The Urban Myth of the City Girl and the Country Cowboy

Driving daitng back roads at midnight benefits of dating a country boy wandering through the woods with him will become your favorite pastime. Driving down back roads at midnight and wandering benefitx the woods with him will become your favorite pastime. Either way, spending time in small towns can be refreshing. You might be surprised by how much fun you have doing the things he loves. You'll find out that there are more holidays. He probably won't view his dates as super romantic, romantic dates. He's like a kid in a candy store, and Prince Charming. He will treat you like you're royalty. PARAGRAPH. He will be the best boyfriend that you've ever had. While most guys will tell you about themselves by sending you a paragraph text message, spending time in small towns can be refreshing. His family probably celebrates way more holidays than yours. You will get to go on countless adventures. He will share his hobbies with you. He will do anything for you and will always make sure that you are happy! After spending time with him benefits of dating a country boy nature, romantic dates.