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Thank telephone as usual, do not get carried away or be affected by his talk. Try not to get nervous and quick to believe. Kata Mutiara
Ask the caller the name and address of the agency. This allows you to check the truth of the caller.

When the caller asked for your account number, tell me if you are the village and had no passbook. Game online gratis game pc Buku Cipto junaedy cara supaya cepat hamil puisi cinta sejati Buku cipto junaedy blackberry z10 permainan anak perempuan

When the caller intends to give a gift of millions or billions of dollars and still ask for your account number. You remain responsible for the village and if you do not have a passbook. And just answer "when usually I can send money home, passing notes."

If the name of the caller or from a police detective and capture your brothers or relatives because of a particular case and now it was the police office. You do not just believe it, ask for the name, rank and position as well as the unity of the caller.

If the caller was fuming mad, you simply say "sorry sir, why are you angry even angry. Later I will go to my relatives and their father unity. puisi

If the caller can try the case can be solved with money and ask for your account number. You can just answer I will give cash or you do not have the money. Never time to provide the account number on the caller.

Close the phone and contact telephone number the caller mentioned unity. Find out the truth caller, there are no cases involving relatives you mentioned dark caller. If it is not correct, you must already know that the caller is a con.

When the caller is calling back the dark, I've just answer calls to unity but no. Or leave it by turning off your cell phone. Game online gratis game pc Buku Cipto junaedy hamil

Home security cameras Kata Kata Mutiara Anggana Margahayuland


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