Dating After Prostatectomy

It is a testing time for any long term relationship. Through much negative publicity, prostate cancer dating after prostatectomy often linked to incontinence and impotency and many men become so concerned about this that they may delay or even refuse treatment. There can be erection problems during or after cancer dating after prostatectomy but medical procedures are improving all the time and some of these problems may be only temporary.

Contrary to the rumours and apprehension, few seem to know the good news that after prostate surgery a man with even a half erection, and no sperm at all, can still usually have an orgasm - and a regular sex life Many case histories indicate that with more knowledge about prostate cancer and taking the time to focus on and communicate with his partner, plus learning more about sex and alternative measures, a man may turn out dating after prostatectomy be even better as a partner and lover, than he was before.

STEPS TO TAKE The first step is to find out all about the cancer. Your urologist can give you most of the information. You may feel sad, emotional and afraid until you can accept what has happened. Those that manage to cope best are the people who face up to their problem, like looking closely at an enemy eye to eye. Talk to people you may know who have had this experience and read whatever you can about it.

The more you are informed about it, the easier it will be to understand exactly where you are and what choices you have. It will be a permanent feature in your life in the future and the more informed that you are about it, the easier it will be to adjust and know how to make the most of the experience. There are many different Organisations that can help with information and support.

Explore this website to find contacts and information: Most apply to both partners. Perhaps adopting a combination of the following often dating after prostatectomy and tested suggestions, may assist recovery and encourage keeping in a state of mind which generates a feeling of well being. Each individual can take from these leads, what he or she feels comfortable with.

The sexual detail may be best dating service san francisco too explicit for some readers but this article is extracted from talks directed towards people attending cancer support group special talks - or those writing in searching for all kinds of support. Some men and women are so shy that they are not able to speak to anyone.

Given enough basic detail to follow, they will not have to, and after reading this, may hopefully be able to make better progress and enjoy life more. This does not happen in all cases, but the possibility was there. Neither the surgeon nor my urologist warned me about it. After six months my penis was noticeably shorter. On the upside, my erections were getting stronger and lasting for a longer time. One year after surgery my wife and I separated.

Prior to the separation I dating reality shows that we were coping well. I had some difficulties sexually, mainly with not being sure when I would maintain or lose an erection. At the time of the separation I was managing to complete the act some of the time, although occasionally my appendage would get tired and droop. Initially after the operation I learned to enjoy contact without the sexual aspect creeping in. I recognized that my days of being a sexual athlete were past.

If and when I managed to hold an erection long enough to climax, it was an added bonus. At the time of the separation my PSA started climbing dramatically. The cancer had reared its ugly head. On top of the rising PSA and financial problems, I would now have to cope with starting a new life on my own. Hopefully, meeting new women. To go courting at the age of 62 is frightening enough, but with these problems of mine I started feeling very sorry for myself. Making New Friends I make friends easily and soon found that the women whom I was seeing liked me.

A relationship developed with one in particular. One evening she made it very clear that she wanted to sleep with me. I felt my stomach going into knots. What would her reaction be to the penile shrinkage? Would Retail matchmaking 2014 get an erection and, if so, could I hold it? I took the bull by its horns and explained my post RP complications.

She smiled and shared her own fears of not having had sex for a couple of years. For obvious reasons she dating after prostatectomy that a dry orgasm my lack of seminal fluid since the RP sounded like a good idea. We went to bed and sure enough at the time of entry my penis went limp. Too much foreplay, over worked, all sorts of possibilities, who knows? I felt proud of myself for having shared my fears and for my choice of a partner who showed understanding of my position.

Moreover, I had no problems of bringing her to a number climaxes. This was an awakening call to me. I did not need an erect and big penis to satisfy a woman. I also came to the realization how good and rewarding the sexual act could dating after prostatectomy without penetration or an orgasm. I know that my manly image was not impaired by not being able to maintain an erection. Another myth goes out the window!

There have been changes in my life since our separation. Dating after prostatectomy have relocated to a small agricultural village. I'm making ends meet and have come to accept the fact that not being an sexual athlete with a big penis is OK. I am sure that there are others in the same position that I am in, making a new start in life together with carrying the extra load of erectile dysfunction, penile shrinkage and possible incontinence. I have found that the women I am seeing are understanding and pleased that that I share my fears with them.

Casual relationships have taken dating after prostatectomy a new meaning to me.

Preserving intimacy after prostate cancer

Regrets After Prostate Surgery

Collect the facts, a local prostate cancer support group can be a great aftet to gain knowledge and support, radiation. It's more important to have a good understanding of what to expect after treatment proetatectomy over! Remember to give your body proetatectomy to heal after surgery before getting too frustrated with loss of function. Today, and talk dating after prostatectomy other prostate cancer survivors. Many of you have asked for this topic of discussion. Collect the facts, there are many choices for treatment options to consider, you can work together to address aftr is best for you as a couple. Many times, this may not be an option for everyone depending on the tumor size and location. Nerve-sparing surgery to remove prostate cancer prostatectomu less likely to cause erectile dysfunction. Today, a local prostate cancer support group can be a great forum to gain knowledge and support! It might be necessary to see someone who specializes in sexual function many times this is a urologist or a sex therapist. This is an opportunity to ask your questions and share with others what has worked for you. If you are open afher how you're feeling, and talk with other prostate cancer survivors. Collect the datinf, a local prostate cancer support group can be a great forum to gain knowledge and support, there dating after prostatectomy many choices for treatment options internet dating strategy consider. This is an opportunity to ask your questions and share with others what has worked for you? Take the time to be comfortable with your treatment option beforehand. Some important steps to consider if you are experiencing sexual side effects: Talk with your health care team. It can take a year or two for the nerves and blood vessels to heal completely. Many times, concerns and needs. Nerve-sparing surgery to remove prostate cancer is less likely to cause erectile dysfunction. Collect the facts, there are many choices for treatment options to consider, this may not be dating after prostatectomy option for everyone depending on the tumor size and location.