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Since it is often necessary to heat and cool different areas of a building hook up for fan coil unit the same time, due to differences in internal heat loss or heat gains, the four-pipe fan coil unit is most commonly used. Fan coil units may be connected to piping networks using various topology designs, such as "direct return", "reverse return", or "series decoupled". Depending upon the selected chilled water temperatures and the relative humidity of the space, it is likely that the cooling coil will dehumidify the entering air stream, and as a by product of this process, it will at times produce a condensate which will need to be carried to drain.

The fan coil unit will contain hook up for fan coil unit purpose designed drip tray with drain connection for this purpose. The simplest means to drain the condensate from multiple fan coil units will be by a network hook up for fan coil unit pipework laid to falls to a suitable point. Alternatively a condensate pump may be employed where fod for such gravity pipework is limited. Speed control of the fan motors within a fan coil unit is partly used to control the heating and cooling output fr from the unit.

Some manufacturers accomplish speed control by adjusting the taps on an AC transformer supplying the power to the fan motor. Typically this would require adjustment at the commissioning stage of the building construction process and is therefore set for life at a fixed speed. Other manufacturers provide custom-wound Permanent Split Capacitor PSC motors with speed taps in the windings, set to the desired speed levels for the fan coil unit hook up for fan coil unit. A simple speed selector switch Off-High-Medium-Low is provided for the local room occupant to control the fan speed.

Typically this speed selector switch is integral to the room thermostat, and is set manually or is controlled automatically by coi digital room thermostat. Building Energy Management Fa can be used for automatic fan speed and temperature control. Fan motors are typically AC Shaded Pole or Permanent Split Capacitor.

More recent developments include brushless DC designs with electronic commutation. DC stands for Direct Current and EC stands for Electronically Uniit. Up to a signal voltage of 2. Fan Coils will generally operate between approximately 4 Volts and 7. The Volt signal voltage can be set via a simple potentiometer and left or the Volt signal voltage can be delivered to the fan motors by the terminal controller on each fna the Fan Coil Units.

The reason hok these DC Fan Coil Units are, despite their apparent relative complexity, becoming more popular is their improved energy efficiency levels compared to their AC motor driven counterparts of only a few years ago. In areas of the world where there are legally enforceable energy efficiency requirements for Fan Coils such as the UKDC Fan Coil Units are rapidly becoming the only choice.

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