Im Dating A Nerd Meme

They don't judge you for your nerd obsessions. I love Nathan Fillion too. They know how to fix shit. Forget the Merd Bar, you have your very own genius at home. Your boss is a real D to you at work? And then they're going to think up the best way to get your boss back without getting caught. Because needs are good at petty revenge. Or so the movies tell me. Advertisement - Merd Reading Below Blessed. About meeme, and by "everything," I mean "sex.

They're not trying to 40 days of dating website not working anyone. Im dating a nerd meme reposters will be banned. Posts which result in datinb of any individual, subreddit, or other entity may be removed at the moderators' discretion. No Politics Anything involving politics or a political figure.

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No gore or porn including sexually graphic images. Other NSFW content must be tagged as such This includes anything hosted on Facebook's servers, as they can be traced to the original account holder. Bonus points if these quotes come from Sci Fi, The Simpsons or old im dating a nerd meme movies. Maybe not this hard core Your wedding theme involves light sabres and a wookie You walked down the aisle to the Imperial March, Gollum arrived when they asked for the rings or datin engagement ring has been referred to as the one ring to rule them all.

If you have read through this list nodding and smiling Congratulations, you are dating a nerd. This post km not have been possible without the input, and the giggling, of Detachable Princess. Photo 1 Big Bang Theory. Photo 2 donated by Detachable Princess. Photo 3 Labelled Cords.

18 Signs You're Dating A Nerd

12 Signs You’re Dating A Nerd

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