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In many ways, the film is insufferably Sundance-y, and can feel like a chore because of it. If you like documentaries or a glimpse at the dating scene in the Indian-American community, you cannot go wrong with this. Totally Relatable from United States 3 February People pleasing, indecisiveness, general inexperience, a little un-savvy--and caught in a very strict, very traditional, but no longer quite functional system--omg. This movie in so many ways relates to my experience as a white girl in the American South, uber Christian.

Sure, it would be great if this kid knew himself more, was sure of what he wanted, and went after it tenaciously. But he is evolving slowly. I want to believe we'll all get wherever it is we really want to go. In the meantime, I appreciated getting to know him, his family, and his dual cultures, and I enjoyed being along for a very relatable ride.

It's amazing how well this thing was edited, and how well it came together. Even though the footage was rough, the film was fun to watch. Most documentary films show us something, take us somewhere, teach us something, or express a point of view as only film can. While these stories and lessons can come with light moments, they usually play it pretty straight with their subjects.

That's what makes "Meet the Patels" PG, 1: Technically classified as a documentary and accomplishing many of the things that documentaries dothis movie is also a comedy and a romance. The main character in this romantic comedy documentary is Ravi Patel. In real life, he's an actor and comedian in Los Angeles. Also in real life, he's had to deal with some of the same issues as many young men and women who have roots in India, yet grew up in the U.

His parents, Indian guy dating white girl movie and Champa, who emigrated from India inwant him to marry a nice Indian girl and give them nice Indian grandchildren. Ravi isn't opposed to this, but isn't sure how to go about it in the modern world. As the film opens, he's just broken up with Ashley, his red-haired American girlfriend of two years, because he feels the need to commit indian guy dating white girl movie someone with whom he can more easily raise a family like he and his sister, Geeta, were raised.

For the time being, Ravi and Geeta share a house and deal with their parents… "encouraging" them to find spouses. Dating without credit card is just under 30 and Geeta is just indian guy dating white girl movie of 30, making it a minor scandal within their family and circle of friends that neither of them is married. This film chronicles Ravi's search, over the course exclusive dating term a year, to find a woman whom he and, hopefully, his parents, think would be a good match for him.

Even though their own union is the product of a traditional Indian arranged marriage, Vasant and Champa have lived in the U. But that doesn't stop them from helping the process along. Early in the film, the family takes a trip to India during "wedding season", which they believe is a great opportunity for Ravi to find his bride.

Ravi, however, prefers to find an Indian girl in the U. The problem, as Arsenio Hall's character says in the similarly-themed "Coming to America", is that "the land is so vast, the choices so infinite.

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