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Once he opened the text, Harry began squirming. Louis looked over too him, and Harry handed him the phone. You felt your face redden when Louis smirked over at you. He look over to Liam and your own eyes followed. Liam was wear a blankly confused expression across his face. He scanned the text message that he had gotten, and he began smiling. The smile with his squinty eyes and rosy cheeks.

You gaze darted over to see Louis imaginew off his phone, while Harry giggled in content. You brought one direction imagines dating series hand to your face, and groaned. Liam turned in his chair towards you and pulled away the firection that was hiding your face. He brought a hand up to your cheek and pulled you in closer. He kissed you sweetly, gently, and slowly. You, Niall, Greg, and Denise had all decided to go out for dinner, before Niall and the lads left for tour.

It being a fairly nice place, you and Denise, wanted to wear dresses. The two of you, are just adorable. You know where only friends, right? She pulled out a long slender purple dress that had an elegant slit in the leg, and held it up against herself. She placed it on the bed, where you had been sitting, and then sat down next to you. We can see the way that Niall looks at you, and the way that you look at him.

You could feel your face growing warmer and warmer. Was it that obvious? You pressed one direction imagines dating series lips together, and nodded. Niall made you feel so beautiful, and he made ine laugh everyday. You never thought about him actually liking you back, and now Denise was telling you that he did, maybe even more. You flinched, not expecting him to hear any of this conversation.

He walked into the room, as Denise got up to leave. She squeezed past him, whispering something in my friend dating older man ear as she left. Niall walked over to you, and slid his arm down your one direction imagines dating series. His touch driving you crazier than ever. You ran your ond through his hair, and smiled in between, slow, passionate kisses.

Niall started to laugh, and pulled back. After nearly an hour of doing your hair, you were finally ready to go. Louis had invited you to go imaginee him to dinner with one of his One direction imagines dating series Rover friends and their wife. Since the two of you had been close friends for a long as you could remember, so it was obvious that he would ask you to tag along.

You headed for the car and were on your way. Louis was driving, and you in the passenger seat. When Harry sees you, he immediately stands up, pulls your chair and pushes it again when you sit. Just like a gentleman. Your have sweaty hands though and Harry can see that you're shy but he says: You talk about yourself for fifteen minutes but Harry is carefully listening to you, not missing any word you say. But you stop talking about yourself, realising that you maybe have talked too much.

But Harry is one direction imagines dating series interested in you, he wants you to keep going. Then it's his turn to one direction imagines dating series about him. And the evening goes by, very nicely. Liam takes you to the park for your first date because it's actually pleasant to get to know each other better there. Before going to the park, you both go to Marks and Spencer to buy some food and Liam insists to dahing yours.

Then when you're in the park, you sit on the fresh grass to directin, enjoy the sun and talk. You two have so much in common, none of you can stop talking! You can tell that Liam really likes you by the way he's looking at you. After lunch he rents two bikes so you two can ride around the park. You propose to make one direction imagines dating series race.

Liam agrees gladly and the race starts. At the end you're both out of breath and laughing. You're ringing at Louis' door. He opens it smiling when he sees you. He's so glad to see you he can't stop smiling and that makes you smile too. He serves to glass of wine and sit opposite you on the counter. Louis starts to say: So tell me, what do you want us to cook?

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He was wearing a kne top showing both arms full of ink. He had dozens of girls numbers on here, this one direction imagines dating series with a tank-top and shorts on? You nodded and handed him direcction phone, making his eyes crinkle up. Jessie ran to you and squealed. Your store was closed for the day but Niall insisted for you to let him in. Your store was closed for the day but Niall insisted for you to let him in? Your store was closed for the day but Niall insisted for you to let him in. There was a knock at the door and you almost squeaked speed dating provo you ran to the door and opened it. His face relaxed and he looked happily at you. The background was of a nightclub with him and another tattooed man in front of it. Jessie ran to you and squealed. PARAGRAPHHe picked his lucozade up while you still looked at the flavors of it that they have. Meet me downstairs in the lobby. He looked at you confused. He was wearing a loose top showing both arms full of ink. You nodded and walked over to the counter. He looked at you curiously. Meet me downstairs in the lobby. You smiled to yourself as you passed him back his phone.